(French for North Wentworth) is a municipality in the Laurentides region of Quebec, Canada, part of the Les Pays-d'en-Haut Regional County Municipality.

Mother tongue:

  • English as the first language: 13.7%
  • French as the first language: 78.5%
  • English and French as the first language: 2.7%
  • Other as the first language: 4.5%

Fire Department

The municipality of Wentworth-Nord has a part-time fire department, the Service Security et Incendie Wentworth-Nord (SSIWWN), that was founded in 1972. The SSIWWN has its force trained as both Fire Fighters and Medical First Responders, allowing them to respond to medical emergencies. The municipality Fire Stations, one located in each of the three towns. Each station has one custom fire truck and one modified Ford pickup truck as a specialty vehicle (medical emergency, SAR, or extrication.) The department averages approximately 200 calls per year.

Special Constables

Since June 2020, the Municipality has hired and created a department of Public Security staffed by Special Constables. They enforce municipal by-laws and ensure public order.

The mission of the Fire Safety Department is to ensure the protection of the population of Wentworth-Nord by reducing the risks and minimizing the human and material losses caused by fires and other disasters.

Le service de la Sécurité incendie a pour mission d’assurer la protection de la population de Wentworth-Nord en réduisant les risques et en minimisant les pertes humaines et matérielles causées par les incendies et autres sinistres.

Caserne n°1, Laurel  3490, route Principale

Caserne n°2, Montfort 380, chemin des Montfortains

Caserne n°3, Saint-Michel 6644, route Principale

Brownsbur-Chatham (5 Rue Gagne, Brownsburg)

Accident Motocyclette / Motorcycle Accident

2022 / 10 / 23

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