The Nation


The Nation (La Nation in French) is a municipality in Eastern Ontario, located within Canada's National Capital Region, in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. Formed in 1998, the municipality consists of the former townships of Caledonia, Cambridge and South Plantagenet, as well as the Village of St. Isidore.

The municipality is crossed by the South Nation River, after which the municipality was named.

The township comprises the communities of:

  • Benoit, 
  • Bradley Creek, 
  • Caledonia Springs, 
  • Fenaghvale
  • Forest Park, 
  • Fournier, 
  • Franklins Corners, 
  • Gagnon, 
  • Johnsons Ferry, 
  • Lalonde, 
  • Limoges, 
  • Longtinville, 
  • Martels Corners, 
  • Mayerville, 
  • Parkers Corners, 
  • Proulx, 
  • Riceville,
  • Routhier, 
  • Sandown, 
  • Skye, 
  • St. Albert, 
  • St. Amour, 
  • St. Bernardin, 
  • Ste-Rose-de-Prescott, 
  • St. Isidore and 
  • Velfranc. 

The township administrative offices are north of Casselman on Route 500, with a satellite office in Fournier.

The ghost town of Lemieux, abandoned in the early 1990s, is also in the municipality.

Emergency Services

Station Rd. Alfred