The Commander


The Most Reverend Eric M Gagnon, Phyl.D., D.Div., Th.D., Archbishop Primus of the Eric Michel Ministries International, which includes:
  1. The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, an international association of churches and para-churches in Asia, America and Africa;
  2. Director of Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy,
  3. Commander of EMMI Chaplaincy;
  4. Co-Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions,
  5. Founder of Canadian Harverstime Bible Academy and
  6. Founder of the FAICL.
  7. Member of IFCC
  8. Member of NACC

Bivocational Minister
Bivocational or Bi-Vocational Minister or Pastor is a minister with another job in opposition to Pastors who are employed full-time and are fully dedicated to the "work of the Lord" and earn a mean annual wage.

Under the Canon Law 201408 Liturgy 60 Ordination Programs
Ordinated Clergy and Lay Work and Serving Bivocational Ministers. All of us have a vocation. For some of us, that vacation may take on the expression of ordained ministry.  CL029.3.2 No member of clergy or person holding a lay office of the EMMI Chaplaincy shall be considered a paid employee of the Chaplaincy under any circumstances whatsoever. All who serve the Chaplaincy are voluntary and non-stipendiary. All appointments within the Chaplaincy are made conditionally upon this understanding.

NB: non-stipendiary ministers are religious ministers who do not receive payment for their services, and who usually have alternative employment which provides monetary income with which they can support themselves. 

  • Eric Michel as a Street Outreach Worker
  • Eric Michel as a Security Guard
  • Eric Michel as a Computer Technician

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