The Chaplaincy

 Les Ministères ERIC MICHEL Ministries International is an interdenominational chaplaincy has been based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2012 in the Province of Quebec, it has a majority of French and English members and followers.

Incorporated at Industry Canada on the 2014.07.14 under the number 895170-5 as a Non-Profit Religious Organisation Chaplaincy.

The purposes of Eric Michel Ministries International are to promote the Christian faith; to educate its members, congregants, and the public about Christian values, history and religious tradition; to develop Christian educational, theological, spiritual and inspirational material for the benefit of its members, congregations and the general public; to promote charitable acts and causes; to foster fellowship and goodwill among its members, congregants and the public; to promote reason in religion, religious tolerance and freedom of conscience; to promote the moral, ethical and responsible exercise of free will; to promote a free society.

One branch of the chaplaincy is to reach the truckers with the Gospel Message in a setting where he/she is familiar on and off-road with and through the Chaplaincy.

EMMI Chaplaincy is a complete volunteer ministry to the First Responders (Mainly Firefighters),  Truckers and Travelers of Eastern Canada, added with our Saint Francis Ministry to the animals and their owners. This non-profit ministry relies on the Lord and His people to direct the Gospel Message through our Chaplains.

General Information
Started in 2010 by Founder Eric Michel, this mission to truckers is supported by those who desire to provide an opportunity for salvation by belief in Christ. Founding date Ministries 1978 and the Chaplaincy in 2010.

    Les Ministères Eric Michel International
    C.P. 3066 Brownsburg, QC. Canada J8G 1A0

Member of the IFCC # 3453

Franciscan Abbey of the Immanuel Communion of Love (FAICL)

Third Order of Saint Francis Ministry (OFE)

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