Road Warriors

Eric Michel Ministries International

Community Chaplain

EMMI Road Warriors' Ministry is Christ-centred chaplaincy. We are a holistic ministry nurturing the whole person's body and spirit. Our ministry serves the communities of truckers, bikers (motorcyclists) and travellers for work or tourists. We touch the world by helping our neighbours by providing care like our Saint Patron Francis of Assisi.

Most religions have traditions regarding the spirituality of animals, which intersects with human life positively. We must be conscious, aware and respectful towards all living creatures, big and small animals, including flours, plants, and trees. Also, EMMI has a Nature Ministry aiming at all living things; we named it "Animal Chaplaincy," It is actually about people and how we interconnect with the animals around us and all nature in general.

We are at Halt 50 on the 148 at 125, Route du canton, 
Brownsburg, QC J8G 1Z3

This Gas Station is our "Base", but we like you; we move around