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Eastern Canada Chaplaincy

FAICL provides Chaplaincy service to EMS, Fire, Paramedic and Police agencies on-scene and “behind the scene” with an emphasis on Critical Incident Stress mitigation. The services offered by Emergency Ministries are without regard to religious affiliation, on issues involving things such as; fatalities involving children, multiple fatality accidents, deaths of co-workers, marital problems, substance abuse issues and the like.


“To come alongside first responders who experience extraordinary human events daily and to offer them emotional and spiritual support services.”

FAICL is a group of specially trained Chaplains who respond to the needs of our first responder community. Founded in August of 2011, we are a non-profit corporation Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries International.

One very specific requirement to become a FAICL Chaplain is to have “Worn the Badge.” This means that each of our Chaplains has served as a first responder as is or has been qualified as an Emergency Responder. We are FAICL Chaplains, a Catholic-based chaplaincy organization headquartered in Ottawa. We are a non-profit organization and serve the community, including Fire, Police & EMS agencies. We currently serve the Eastern Provinces of Canada and also are accepting applications for new chaplains. We can provide training to new members and also support those who have experience. We are from various backgrounds, It makes FAICL unique in providing on-scene services.

Eric Michel Ministries International & FAICL Chaplaincy Mission:

“To come alongside first-responders who experience extraordinary human events daily and to offer them emotional and spiritual support services.”

We provide on-scene (and “behind the scene”) Crisis Chaplaincy for emergency workers (first-responders). Our emphasis is on Critical Incident Stress mitigation. Our services are offered without regard to religious affiliation. We intervene with responders on issues involving things such as; fatalities involving children, multiple fatality accidents, deaths of co-workers, marital problems, substance abuse issues and the like.

Chaplain (fran├žais)

Traditionally, a chaplain is a minister in a specialized setting, such as a priest,
pastor, rabbi imam, humanist chaplain or a lay representative of a worldview
attached to a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, military unit, police
department, university, or private chapel. 

Though originally the word "chaplain" referred to representatives of the Christian faith, it is now applied to men and women of other religions or philosophical traditions, such as in the case of the humanist chaplains serving with military forces in the Netherlands and Belgium. In recent years many lay individuals have received professional training in chaplaincy and are now appointed as chaplains in
schools, hospitals, universities, prisons and elsewhere to work alongside or
instead of official members of the clergy. 

Ref.: Wikipedia

Eric Michel Ministries Int'l An Independent Catholic Chaplaincy Ministry
For several years, the EMMI-FAICL provides with its partners a program leading to marriages and all other ministerial duties under the laws of the United States and
Canada. Ordained ministers spiritually, we are also authorized to perform all of the sacraments.

EMMI-FAICL, with our Partners, created a program that can meet the needs of all
those wishing to study Christianity and prepare for any type of ministry - including ordained by another organization or denomination, active members of the laity of the church, theologians, religious educators, chaplains, and lay people who would serve as the ordained minister. The Christian seminar program is not intended to be a substitute for an education, but it provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of Christian theology and history, and the ministerial ethics training in pastoral care, implementing care, disciples and the church.

If you are a layman who wants to learn more about Christian Catholicism and
serve in a role pastoral, this course will give you the knowledge, confidence,
and legal references you need! After going through the program's coordination EMMI-FAICL you can feel prepared and ready to do all the following:

  1. Celebrated weddings, funerals, and baptisms in the catholic spirit
  2. Serve as a spiritual counsellor
  3. Lead a study group to teach theology
  4. Start a  chaplaincy with the help of EMMI-FAICL

We are also happy to provide credentials for people who have been ordained
by other organizations. Many ministers and seminarians believe in the
Christians Catholics are looking for a way to study this subject in depth.

If you are already a student minister or seminarian and you wish to complete your education with a robust program, especially in the Christian Catholicism program, it can be shortened to you, depending on your previous experience. Successfully complete the process as approved by the Selection Committee EMMI-FAICL Board of Elders.

The education program requires an applicant to do the following:
  1. Send an application form by Email.
  2. Obtain a criminal background check. This is mainly to protect our body against prosecution if one of our ministers commits a serious crime as part of its corporate function; for example, we would not inadvertently order a child molester who has been convicted.
  3. Having three people who know you that we submit confidential letters of recommendation directly to us.
  4. Read from the Bible, articles, and books.
  5. Submit a CV
  6. Send a signed copy of the declaration and commitment to EMMI-FAICL regarding faith and not hatred.
  7. Write an article on your spiritual path and the call to ministry, a document about your beliefs, and spiritual, and documents in response to assigned readings.
  8. Accept and pay all fees. 
These fees cover all costs time, and money associated with the processing of your application, conducting background checks on criminals, the review letters of recommendation and any written materials submitted by you, You meet in person or by phone, etc. They do not cover the cost of books. Training and other expenses related to fiscal departments' work of reading and writing can be shortened for people who are already ministers with knowledge and experiences, evaluated case by case basis. Registration fees can be reduced for individuals who are approved by the Selection Committee of EMMI-FAICL accelerated program of coursework requirements significantly reduced. (notice amounts can change at any times
without warning)

The application process is simple: Send in your EMMI-FAICL application form,
a signed copy of your declaration of faith and promise not to hate, and three letters of recommendation sent to us. This material will be reviewed and a criminal background check will be performed. If the Selection Committee feels that you are well suited to become a minister EMMI-FAICL, you will be admitted into the program.

Important Note: The fee does not guarantee that ordination will be granted!

The EMMI-FAICL is not an ordination mail order, this is not a "pay for ordination." If you Looking for a quick way to effortlessly ordered and study - and that will not be taken seriously by most people and churches - look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a credible ordination that will build your
knowledge and skills, and you'll be proud to put on your resume, you're encouraged to go through the process of studying the breeding program EMMI-FAICL. We have a serious educational program to be taken seriously and completed by the applicant in a manner that demonstrates learning and the desire of the Catholic or Christian Universalist to be ordered by the EMMI-FAICL

If you have questions before applying, please contact us at Public Relations
EMMI-FAICL Chaplaincy. The mission statement is an oath to serve God and people of all faiths or those with no faith.

Certification of any rank of Chaplain is valid for life
Certificates of completion will be issued for each course completed with a
passing score of at least 75%.

                   Firefighter                                                  Chaplain                                             


  1. Commander
  2. Chief Chaplain
  3. Deputy Chief
  4. Master The applicant must be an ordained minister and have at least 7 years of experience in their existing field of ministry. The Master team members, and others.
  5. Senior the applicant must be an ordained minister and have at least 5 years of experience in their existing field of ministry.
  6. Registered you must be a legally ordained minister with at least 3 years of experience in your existing field of ministry.

Eric Michel Ministries Int'l will receive ordination, license, training and certifications.

Contact a senior staff member by calling the Ottawa Headquarters at 613.XXX.XXXX or emailing us at congregation@.

PS: Ottawa Headquarters Shutdown in November 2021 after 7 years in

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