Dress Code



CL20220702 New to the dress code of uniforms

A)  New the beret burgundy, complete with the cross & dove crest, worn with the band one inch above the eyebrows, crest over the left eye, and beret smoothed to the right side. The assignment badge may be added

: military, police or firefighter.

B)  First Responders Chaplain T-Shirt
A T-shirt dress is a stylish piece of clothing that is comfortable and has a relaxed fit. It works in informal and formal situations during the summer. Must be printed with the official Chaplaincy badge and the words Aumônier / Chaplain.

EMMI has three styles of  baseball caps for chaplains

The firefighter cap, the legion cap or any other cap are not part of the uniform and shouldn't be used as it. The legion poppy can be worn on the cap, beret or lapel of the shirt, jacket or tunic.