Guardian Angels Myth or Reality


In my teenage, I stop believing in Christianity with all the panoply of celestial entities, including the Guardian Angels.

Myth or Reality

God, Jesus, and even Mary, I accepted them later as a young adult. Still, for me, Guardian Angel is only Mythology. I only paid attention once I became a senior when long-term memory played a role in visioning my past. Dumb I was, that's not the word to be used; I was worse than dumb.

Stupidity... When I think about it, yep, stupid was my case, now I'm between six and heigh years old.

We are in the sounding the years close to 1957; then, at home, we had a furnace in the kitchen that worked with oil. My father had two big drum barrels in the shed that he carried the oil from to the furnace.

On each tap, he attached an empty can of tomato juice to save the dripping of oil.

The memory:

As I grew older, I discovered that when I played with matches at the taps of those drum barrels. When I lit a match and dropped it in the can, an entity seemed to blow on the match to extinguish it. Did that many times and always got the same result.

Also, I was protected a few times when taking curves at high speed on a motorcycle. I had to stop alongside the road to calm down. Mosley was alone, but I had my girlfriend on the bike twice.

Again, on the motorcycle returning from Toronto in the early morning, I fell asleep after driving all night from Ottawa.

In my blog, Holy Mary's Miracle, I expect that Guardian Angel was close to me also.


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