Holy Mary's Miracle

 Merriam-Webster Web Sites:

miracle noun

  1.  An extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs, the healing miracles described in the Gospels,
  2. An extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment. The bridge is a miracle of engineering.
  3. Christian Science: a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law

I do not know if it's a Miracle, but this event happened to me in 1983.

Percé, 1981
1980 Suzuki GS 1100

This story begins at the beginning of the 70s when I was a car passenger of my friend Gaetan H. We drove around the surrounding area of the Outaouais most of the time, but occasionally, we drove up to Montreal to spend a few hours in that city. Then it was a four hours drive down and back in Hull (Gatineau today)

On a few occasions, he brought me to visit Montreal churches Notre-Dame and St Joseph Oratory, but not simultaneously, La Ronde, cinema, bars and restaurants.

One time at the Oratory, when you go out of the primary worship place, there was an escalator to go down and just across the escalator was a souvenir boutique; I do not know why, but I purchased a Holy Mary Car Magnet to be stuck on the car's dash. The car dash was built in metal then. I didn't have a car, and I did not even have a driver's licence. So, during my motorcycle time, I stuck Mary on the tachometer.


One day at lunch hour at work, my friend Denis invited me to have a beer with him, so we went to a bar on Portage; after one beer, he said I must go home for supper. I worked the evening shift lunch for me; he wanted me to go with him to his residence for supper and would be back on the job in no time. I didn't want to go, but he convinced me to go; Denis was driving a Honda Goldwing, and me the Suzy. From Highway 5, there are two exits to go to his place. One is St Raymond, and the other is Blvd Mont Bleu; I was in front of him and aiming at Mont Bleu when I looked in my mirror and saw him going off to St Raymond. So, to be at his place simultaneously, I accelerate up to 80MPH, passing a car, and then it happens.

I don't remember the month, but probably in. June, the bike was out of storage in May. At the same time, I asked Honda of Outaouais to do maintenance and a few repairs. It cost a fortune to take it out, but the mechanic told me that it leaked my front fork. That needs to be addressed; no more cash, so it was ok to drive at average speed. That year, Suzuki put oil and air in the front fork, and the air leaked.

Carrying on with the story, the motorbike, at that speed, starts to zigzag and wable, and it slows down to maybe 50 or 40 MPh, and it flips, and the bike and I start to slide for a good two to three hundred feet.

I was terrified of three things:

  1. Will I hit the cement divider? I'm in the passing lane.
  2. The bike is in front of me. Will I hit it if it stops sliding before me?
  3. Does a coming car run me over?

It was a scorching day. I had never done this but I didn't wear my leather jacket that day.

The result was a second-degree burn in my arms and back.

Treatment: in Hull hospital, swirl bath in water and iode.

I was sure of dying, and it didn't happen. Why?

A few days later, I probed my jeans pocket and found my Holy Mary Magnet all bent. My father told me that She saved me, probably lifting me off the ground and watching the surroundings so nothing worse would happen. I smiled and left; I believed in flying saucers and ghosts more than Divine intervention!!?

Michel of Notre Dame

Dash photo taken in 1982


More motorcycle photos here: the RC Legion 

About Mary, a few days ago, I received a mail from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality NORTH AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS because I'm a member, with documentation and two bottles of Lourdes water.

I poured the water on Marie's legs and right arm on Tuesday, and this morning, Saturday, I asked her if she was healed??? 

Her reply was no, but I have a lot less pain. 

Read about Marie here.

Michel of Notre Dame

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