Does my dog goes to heaven?

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Eric Michel has been a bivocational pastor for 36 years. That happened not too long ago, on  December 7, reaching the 36.

He's from Quebec, Canada.

He is a father and a grandfather. His spouse Marie and he now have six kids, all middle-aged adults and many grandchildren.

He has been a chaplain since 2010 and a member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc. in Providence, Rhode Island, for over 12 years. he never had to preach, and he never baptized someone, but he did celebrate weddings.

This podcast was published in 2021.

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In the news:

The Archbishop and his spouse, the Right Reverend Marie, were vaccinated yesterday for the coronavirus.

Today's topic: Dog Goes to Heaven?

One of our listeners emailed us and asked if his dog would go to heaven.

The Theology about the Noosphere.

We view our earth as being covered by a sphere named Noosphere, where the soul goes to the death of the human body and generates a new human body at birth.

We also learn that the soul is our "conscientious" or our thoughts.

Animals and plants communicate, so they have a "conscience" in their brains. 

According to this statement, "YES," your dog will be in heaven, our heaven, the Noosphere.

The sad part is you will not be with him, more not even see him in the same way as any other people in the Noosphere, because we will be only a thought.

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