Update to Where is Rev. Marie?


Right Revd. Marie, on Christmas Day, 2023

Marie. my spouse, as it is hard these days, lost 60% of her strength in her legs and 90% of her strength in her right arm since October 12, 2023; she cannot walk anymore. 

Suffering from multiple illnesses, Marie has an overwear and tear in her spinal bone. Plus tremors, diabetes, and glaucoma, among others. She was operated on for kidney cancer in 2017, and it was removed.

  1. Marie couldn't walk.
  2. Get out of bed.
  3. Use the El Ran electric chair or her hospital bed to stand up.
  4. She cannot eat lots of food by herself due to the tremors.
  5. She cannot dress herself.
  6. She cannot go out due to the apartment setup (mainly stairs)
  7. She cannot write.
  8. Hard time using a phone or a cellular
  9. Marie moves around in a wheelchair, but someone has to push it.
  10. She cannot wash herself
  11. She cannot use the toilet by herself


Michel of Notre Dame.

Web page: Where is Rev. Marie? 


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