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Thanks for sharing what you know about the issue of hunger on your page here blog.ericmichelministries.ca/p/links.html. Food insecurity has become an even bigger issue over the last few years, which is absolutely tragic.

And when you see the amount of food waste, all of this sounds insane.
While doing some research online about the topic, I found an article that lists tons of food banks, organized by region. Here it is:

The more this is shared, the better it can do. If you help get the word out by sharing this link with your readers, it will go such a long way to help feeding the hungry.


Unfortunately, this page https://blog.ericmichelministries.ca/p/links.html disappear
Searching everywhere on the blog it is not in the trash and also not in the Google Drive nada.

We are sorry, something better will be posted here and on our main website

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