First Sunday of Advent

 Today, Sunday, December 3, we celebrate this event at the Manse Shrine.

In the morning worship, we had a Catholic Baptist celebration in our rituals., 

In 2014, the year of our corporation, we were a nondenominational Christian. When the association was made with Christian churches worldwide, we became interdenominational Christians. 

The Archbishop became a Born Again Catholic in 2020 by joining the Third of Saint Francis.

The Right Reverend Marie is a Baptist pastor, so we have a Catholic Baptist liturgy using our tools for the liturgy of the Words.


Advent Celebration

Catholic Celebration during Advent

  • December 3: St. Francis Xavier | First Sunday Sunday of Advent
  • December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Holy Day)
  • December 10: Second Sunday of Advent
  • December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • December 17: Third Sunday of Advent
  • December 24: St. Charbel | Fourth Sunday of Advent | Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day (Holy Day)
  • December 26: Feast of the Holy Family | St. Stephen
  • December 27: Feast of St. John the Baptist
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

Text and images from Catholic Link.com more about them at the seminary


Severing's Coronation Pin

The International Order of St John, Priory of Canada, was sent to the Revd. Eric Michel on 2023/11/21, the Sovering's Coronation Pin for His Majesty King Charle s III


Archbishop what is your EDC?

 EDC = Every Day Carry


My EDC varies a little if I wear civilian clothes or a cleric.

The difference is that the clothes cross. A crucifix or the Tau of St. Francis.

On the skin, I wear:

  1. The St Francis brown scapular (Mt Carmel)
  2. Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia Medal from The Dominican Republic
  3. Marie-Anne Blondin Medal from St Jerome
  4. Catherine Labouré miraculous Medal from Italy
  5. St Francis wooden Tau over my cloth

On my pans belt, I carry:

In my pockets, I carry:

One mini light, business cards, and a cutting blade knife

A very old wallet, car device, mini light, house key, fish & seafood allergic warning and

The Archangel St Michael and a police medal, the heart is another seafood allergy medal.

The RT. Revd. Marie wear:

  1. Catherine Labouré miraculous Medal from Italy
  2. Marie-Anne Blondin Medal from St Jerome
  3. A cross (Marie is a Baptist Minister)
  4. A heart from me and
  5. A Mom from our son Chad

This is the reverse of the medals #1 and #2; they are real.

Over my Cleric clothes:

A large metal Tau                                      or                       A large crucifix


Very rare, but it happens:



Historic Acadian church in Nova Scotia


Future Preservation for the historic Acadian church in Nova Scotia

A deconsecrated Catholic Church in Digby County, N.S., facing the grim prospect of demolition for months, has been afforded a new lease on life. BY  QUINTON AMUNDSON, THE CATHOLIC REGISTER, on August 3, 2023.